About Katie Takahashi

Katie Takahashi Bio

Katie Takahashi Katie Takahashi was born and grew up in Tokyo. She spent one year thoroughly enjoying a unique experience of being a foreign exchange student in Darwin High School in Australia. There she first tasted what it was like to perform in public, and to do an Australian TV commercial.

Followed by her brief stint in the music industry working for a major international record label in Tokyo, Katie crossed the ocean to the US. She graduated from a two year-programme at the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting in New York.

She has been performing extensively in the US and Japan primarily as an actor, TV host, bilingual voice talent and dancer of Japanese traditional dance. Katie’s writing and directing credits include an original one act play in Addled Mind Theatre Group’s Off-Off Broadway production “Silly Fish” at the Triology Theatre in New York City.

Katie conceived the “The Ninja Project”
and founded Team Takahashi, a cross-cultural collaborative theatre company in 2004, in which she has served as producing artistic director, playwright, and co-songwriter.

Photo: James J. Kriegsmann Jr.